ISS, Wabtec sign deal to deliver clean-energy power generation in the Western Hemisphere

May 5, 2022

Tier 4 diesel generator

Industrial Service Solutions and Wabtec Transportation Systems signed a three-year agreement to deliver low-carbon primary and backup power systems in the Western Hemisphere. Through this deal, ISS combines Wabtec’s reduced emissions generators with proprietary battery storage and energy utilization technologies, providing process-critical electricity supply while also meeting strict carbon reduction targets.

“Best-in-class partners like Wabtec enable ISS to offer a robust onsite power generation solution that exceeds both operational and environmental goals,” said Wade Stockstill, CEO of Industrial Service Solutions. “Wabtec’s low-emissions diesel engines are unique to the power generation industry, helping ISS create a similarly novel approach for an environmentally compliant backup power solution.”

Data centers rely on backup power for both operational and financial performance. The backup system not only ensures uninterrupted power in case of a utility outage, but it can also help manage electricity expenses during high usage periods through demand shaving. “Meeting these process-critical demands while managing the environmental footprint is more than just a feature – it’s what operators expect of a modern backup electricity infrastructure,” Stockstill said.

“Wabtec V250 diesel engines meet strict U.S. EPA Tier 4 and IMO III emissions standards without after-treatment or filters to the exhaust,” said Patrick Webb, Senior Technical Sales Manager of Wabtec Transportation Systems. “Our approach returns high fuel efficiency, while eliminating the cost and hazardous materials risk of urea-based exhaust mitigation systems.”