Electric Motor Repair, Maintenance and Service

Custom AC and DC motors and drive systems for a wide range of industrial applications


Industrial Service Solutions designs, manufacturers and repairs electric motors for the world’s largest machines and harshest operating conditions. We distribute OEM and custom build a complete range of industrial motors – synchronous as well as asynchronous, both AC and DC, from fractional HP to 20,000 HP. Our UL Listed, fully equipped service shops provide comprehensive services including teardown, inspection, evaluation, insulation systems, machining, balancing, sheet-metal fabrication, welding, testing, and quality control. Industrial Service Solutions also offers intelligent control and automation systems. Our experienced technicians can unlock enhanced performance and control in drives and motors that are being held back or burning out due to native control system limitations.

In addition to design and manufacturing, our team offers expertise in electric motor repair services, promoting motor efficiency, reliability, and longevity. With in-depth knowledge of industrial operating environments and requirements, we are positioned to support the electric motor and drive needs across a diverse set of sectors that require power solutions.


Motor Control and Automation Systems

VFD motor controls

Variable Frequency Drives

ISS provides single phase and three phase VFDs for a variety of AC and DC motor control applications, from fractional horsepower units to high power induction motors.

Soft Starters

We utilize soft starters to ensure the best performance for each motor application. These systems allow motors to start and stop in a smooth, efficient manner, protecting both the motor and the load from torque shocks.


ISS motor control systems can be tailored to any machine make or model, including customizations, system configurations, and control data access.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Optimize panel space and simplify maintenance jobs by replacing auxiliary contractors, timer, and counters with PLCs designed for interlocking, timing, counting, and math operation tasks at high speed.


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