Spectare® Performance Monitoring System

Traditional remote condition monitoring has been a valuable tool for many years, but it’s time for a new approach. That’s where true performance monitoring comes in.

True performance monitoring goes beyond just checking for basic signs of wear and tear. Instead, it provides a holistic view of your equipment’s overall health, including factors like energy utilization, system efficiency, and more.

At ISS, our Spectare® Intelligent Platform takes condition monitoring to the next level with real-time data, deep learning algorithms, and advanced analytics. Say goodbye to costly downtime and hello to a smarter, more efficient facility with Spectare®.

Learn more about the difference between true performance monitoring and traditional remote condition monitoring.

Spectare® Process Optimization Condition Monitoring

A cutting-edge solution that harnesses the power of real-time monitoring and analytics to prevent downtime, anticipate failures, and remotely track the performance of any asset or equipment within your facility. This innovative platform transforms real-time data into actionable insights, empowering you to make faster and smarter decisions for improved operational efficiency.


Solve IT integration concerns with our Spectare® Intelligent Platform FAQ for IT Departments.

Empower your IT department, optimize processes,
secure networks.


Don’t Just Catch Problems, Prevent Them: The Power of a Holistic Performance Monitoring System

Discover how a total systems approach can bulletproof your industrial process,
with early detection, improved maintenance planning & increased reliability.

As an industrial operator, you know the importance of keeping your equipment and systems running smoothly to prevent costly downtime and repairs. That’s where performance monitoring comes in, a process of monitoring machine systems to detect changes that could be indicative of damage or future equipment failure. By using performance monitoring systems, you can catch issues before they become full-blown problems….


Efficiency Game On: 4 Steps to Level Up Your Facility

Learn how to achieve optimal efficiency with AI-based process optimization using tools like the
Spectare® Intelligent Platform from ISS.

Are you ready to level up your facility’s efficiency game? Say goodbye to manual monitoring and hello to a new era of efficiency with AI-based process optimization. By using tools like the Spectare® Intelligent Platform, you can ensure your facility is running at its best with real-time updates and an internet of things network….


Revolutionize Your Facility: 4 Key Digital Trends of Industry 4.0

Learn how to revolutionize your industrial facility with the latest trends of Industry 4.0.
Discover digital solutions from Industrial Service Solutions

Are unexpected equipment failures causing downtime and costing you money? It’s time to take your facility to the next level with the latest approach to Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which emphasizes automated processes and data-driven solutions….


Maximizing ROI in AI Supply-Chain Management: What Are the 4 Key Targets for Process Optimization

Discover how the ISS Spectare® Intelligent Platform revolutionizes supply chain management with advanced analytics and process optimization, transforming businesses for success in the AI-driven era.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, optimizing supply chains is crucial. McKinsey & Co.’s article, “Succeeding in the AI supply-chain revolution,” emphasizes the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in addressing the complexities, market volatility, and environmental concerns surrounding supply chain management….


The Future of Industrial Operations: How AI Drives Sustainability and Process Optimization

Discover how Industrial Service Solutions (ISS) and the Spectare® Intelligent Platform leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for sustainability, energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, and process optimization in various industries.

In a rapidly changing world, sustainability is becoming a priority for businesses across various industries. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool for driving sustainable operations, as illustrated in a recent TechTarget article, “How industries use AI to ensure sustainability.” In this blog post, we discuss how industries can leverage AI for sustainable practices…


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Spectare® users are equipped with the ability to customize their experience and requirements within the platform. Our team of experts can easily workshop your needs into a visually pleasing display of information that is relatable to both the technical and commercial resources within your business at all levels.

Turning Real-Time Data Into Valuable Information

  • Data-Driven AI Algorithms & Machine Learning

Application of machine learning to predict equipment health

  • Storage of High-Resolution Data

Rich data points stored for short- and long-term diagnostics and troubleshooting

  • Cloud-Based Data Storage

Encrypted data sent securely to the user cloud for storage

  • Customer Dashboard

View and manage all assets securely and accurately from a single dashboard by phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

  • Alerts & Notifications

Alert the right person at the right time by SMS text and/or email.

  • Usage Insights

View usage costs and determine asset upgrades from real-time operating data and performance analytics.

  • Remote Support

On-demand access to expert engineers and technicians who have the know-how to quickly troubleshoot, diagnose, and yield solutions.

  • Predictive Maintenance

Al algorithms determine an asset’s condition from real-time and historical data to predict when maintenance should be performed.

  • Failure Prediction

AI algorithms identify anomalous behavior and alert operators by SMS text and/or email to take preventative action.

  • Field Service Dispatching

Tenured, highly skilled technicians with fully equipped mobile tooling trailers are available around-the-clock for unmatched response times.

  • Spare Parts Management

AI algorithms provide accurate forecasting of critical spare parts needed prior to failure, when to replace, and quantity to order.

  • Service History Management

Upload prior service history records and sync with future service events.

  • Asset Location Tracking

Track location of assets by name, make, model, or description. For mobile machines, optional GPS tracking is available.

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