ISS, Zeeboat to decarbonize maritime operations with pipeline of electrification projects

July 29, 2022

marine electrification

Industrial Service Solutions entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Zeeboat, LLC to develop a pipeline of maritime decarbonization projects, designing and implementing electric and hybrid diesel-electric powered vessels supported by port electrification systems.

ISS will serve as general contractor for the projects and provide the necessary design, engineering, procurement and construction management services and the manufacturing, technology and supply chain solutions. Zeeboat will be responsible for project finance and development.

ISS is currently soliciting proposals from US shipyards for the construction of up to four fully electric towboat hulls for New York-based Zeeboat—the first zero-emissions towboats to serve North American waters. Beginning in 2025, Zeeboat plans to charter the vessels for operation at US ports to transit containers on barges between terminals.

Shift Clean Energy will deliver the battery energy storage systems pivotal to the emissions-reduction goals of the electric towboat project. ISS is Shift Clean Energy’s sole channel partner for the United States. 

“Meeting carbon-reduction targets requires a comprehensive approach, targeting each element of the maritime ecosystem,” said Wade Stockstill, CEO of ISS. “Partnering with Zeeboat enables ISS to bring electrification to vessels, ports, and ultimately the complete marine transportation segment.”

“As environmental regulations evolve, electrification will be a core strategy for vessel and port operators to meet these increasingly challenging targets,” said ISS Director of Business Development Jessica Lewis. “This segment will be an important source of growth for Zeeboat and ISS for the foreseeable future.”

Zeeboat CEO Jonathan Braun said “Zeeboat is excited and appreciative of the opportunity to work closely and strategically with ISS.  We look forward to a long, productive relationship that will benefit both companies and the communities we hope to serve.”