Preparing for gas curtailment avoids plant downtime or production cuts

February 3, 2022

Industrial Service Solutions ensures plant uptime for a major food and beverage manufacturer as gas utilities warn of possible supply curtailment.

Global demand for American natural gas is at an all-time high, raising costs while impacting supply. Meanwhile at home, winter storms are driving local demand, making gas curtailment a risk to industrial operations.

With short notice from pipelines and utility suppliers, a swift response is critical to ensure gas-fired operations stay online. Dual-fuel facilities are far more likely to face curtailment, even if legacy oil systems on site haven’t been used in decades.

Recently, Industrial Service Solutions helped a major food and beverage manufacturer prepare for a natural gas curtailment that could have completely halted operations. Our project team solved the issue by designing and constructing an alternate fuel delivery system, based on compressed natural gas (CNG) delivered by truck.

ISS successfully implemented a CNG fuel setup that supplemented the plant’s natural gas system, working from concept to installation in just 12 hours. Even with the short notice provided by the gas utility, the customer continued operations as usual.


Industry: Food and Beverage

Challenge: Gas curtailment

Solution: Construction of an alternate fuel delivery system, including:

  • Mechanical design and installation of piping, for quick connection and 100% uptime for fuel delivery from CNG trucks
  • Startup support, including software and instrumentation changes necessary to safely transfer from natural gas to CNG

Result: Within 12 hours, ISS installed and tested a CNG-based fuel solution, so gas curtailment would not affect plant uptime


Downtime or production cuts by preparing for gas curtailment can be avoided with Industrial Service Solutions, by implementing an alternative fuel solution in advance. ISS has the engineering, design and mechanical installation capabilities to assure systems can seamlessly transition to an alternative fuel, with fuel train or burner modifications.

ISS’s Spectare system can be added to support the supply chain management of the fuel source, by sending and alerting both plant and supplier of fuel needs, while at the same time predicting future supply needs based on demand.

Outside factors like gas curtailment can be difficult to predict, making the development of a backup solution critical. Industrial Service Solutions can provide an alternative fuel delivery plan on short notice or in advance, cost-effectively ensuring continued operations.


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