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We don't just sell into the recycling business, we live it every day.


Industrial Service Solutions is a newer name to the automobile recycling industry, but recycling is not new to ISS. Through its operating companies, ISS has been serving customers in the scrap processing and recycling industry for decades. In 2020, the company expanded that commitment by forming ISS–Recycling Technologies.

The division is focused on metals recycling and is leveraging the comprehensive range of products and services offered by ISS. With  2,500 employees, 50-plus locations and deep experience meeting the needs of a wide range of industrial process industries, ISS offers unmatched resources and expertise to the recycling industry.


We don’t just sell into the recycling business, we live it every day.

As the industry’s only single-source provider of both motors and drives, we deliver throughput and uptime like no others can. AC and DC motors are torque-matched for specific rotor and feedstock setups. Drive systems are engineered and built to pair specifically with each motor. 

Industrial Service Solutions motors and drives perform like they were made for each other, because that’s how we alone can make them.


ISS offers a full range of shredder mills based upon the U.S. Shredder designs. These hammermills have been fabricated in the same shop for nearly two decades and offer a proven track record of performance and value.

Systems integration and operating controls are a strong suit for ISS. These capabilities offer scrap processing firms access to some of the most sophisticated operating systems used in industry today, including leading-edge Spectare AI-driven system monitoring

Because ISS has been designing and implementing similar systems to power generation, petrochemical, mining, and other demanding industries, scrap processors benefit from unmatched application expertise. 

By combining ISS process systems and controls with best-in-class separation technologies, ISS is also able to deliver the most advanced and sophisticated non-ferrous separation plants in the industry.


With deep roots in power generation, oil and gas, steel production and other heavy industries, ISS long ago developed in-house capabilities to engineer, integrate, install and service the most advanced and reliable emission control systems. 

From a minor nuisance to a major catastrophe, shredder explosion risks are a constant concern. Our emission control and explosion mitigation systems reduce risk while creating a safer environment for automotive recycling operations.

The company is able to offer single-source capabilities to meet the most demanding shredder emission control standards. This includes integrating regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) systems into shredder plants.


As a member of the Institute of Recycling Industries (ISRI) we support all facets of the recycling industry. ISS facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified, EASA accredited, and UL 508A panel shop certified.

With 50+ locations across the country and in-house engineering, manufacturing and fabricating capabilities, coupled with a global supply chain for wear parts, ISS is able to keep shredders up and running.

From mid-section rebuilds to replacement rotors and conveyor service work to replacement hammers, grates and liners, ISS offers the wear parts and service capabilities equivalent to an OEM, but more quickly and more cost-effectively.

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