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Oilfield electrification and preventive maintenance expertise, for fracking and every other stage of drilling operations.

ISS improves operational and environmental performance in every major American onshore and offshore fossil fuel play

Minimizing unplanned downtime is key to the profitability and performance of upstream oil and gas operations. A single component failure can cascade quickly, impacting the schedules of future activities.

Compounding these challenges is the push for decarbonization and oilfield electrification in the fossil fuel industry. Modernizing systems and processes is an opportunity to improve reliability while meeting green energy targets – but only when executed correctly.

Industrial Service Solutions is uniquely positioned to maximize systemwide performance while achieving environmental goals. As an end-to-end supplier of rotating and process equipment, and a pioneer in oilfield electrification, ISS has the tools and the track record to reach every upstream objective.

Key Differentiators

electric fracking oilfield electrification system

  • Comprehensive rotating equipment and service capabilities, including motors, drive systems, pumps, valves and compressors
  • Complete process control system design and installation, including AI-based condition monitoring programs to project service needs before they arise
  • Field service, inspection and repair facilities located in key U.S. onshore and offshore energy hubs, with 24/7 emergency response service available
  • Fabrication capabilities for every onsite material handling and fluid storage requirement

PowerCube™ Oilfield Electrification Systems

electric fracking oilfield electrification system

Industrial Service Solutions is at the forefront of the oilfield’s shift to electric fracking. E-frac technologies improve operational efficiency, extend service intervals, and reduce the overall footprint at the well site. Transitioning from diesel propulsion to electric motors also reduces environmental impact by limiting carbon emissions.

The PowerCube™ Oilfield Electrification System brings together motors, drive systems, controls, generator ends, pumps, and transformers as a one-stop e-frac technology system. ISS combines its industrial electrification heritage with manufacturing expertise and nationwide service reach, offering a comprehensive solution to reduce the carbon footprint of shale oil and gas operations.

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Drives, Control Panels, and Power Distribution Centers

electric motor control industrial automation VFD

Industrial Service Solutions fabricates custom automation and control systems for upstream oil and gas operations, including variable frequency drives, controls, programmable logic controllers, and soft starters from a variety of leading manufacturers.

Motor control centers, generator control panels, switchgear cabinets, and complete power distribution centers are also custom designed and manufactured to meet the needs of specific upstream applications.

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PLC-based Automation and Control

Industrial Service Solutions offers complete drilling rig-control systems to provide automated control, comprehensive diagnostics, and easy-to-use functionality. Control systems are integrated into consoles, or turnkey driller cabins.

ISS customizes PLC-based automation packages for the rig to include comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring functionality.

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Revolution Series™ Top Drive Motors

electric top drive drilling motor

Industrial Service Solutions brings decades of electric motor design and manufacturing expertise to onshore and offshore drilling rigs with the Revolution Series™ Top Drive Motor. By addressing the weak points in traditional motor designs, ISS enhances drilling performance, durability, and overall uptime.

Form-wound 5KV stator windings control voltage spikes from long lead cables, with heat sinks formed into the stator for improved heat dissipation. Rotors are constructed from copper bars, as opposed to weaker diecast aluminum found in other systems. Heavy duty snap rings and bearings deliver the mechanical strength to endure the most challenging drilling environments.

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Electric Motor Design and Manufacturing, with Nationwide Service Support

industrial electric motors

Industrial Service Solutions designs, manufacturers and repairs electric motors for the world’s largest machines and harshest operating conditions. ISS distributes OEM and custom build a complete range of industrial motors – synchronous as well as asynchronous, both AC and DC, from fractional HP to 20,000 HP. UL Listed, ISO-certified service shops provide comprehensive services including teardown, inspection, evaluation, insulation systems, machining, balancing, sheet-metal fabrication, welding, testing, and quality control.

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Spectare™ AI-Based Remote Condition Monitoring Systems

SPectare AI remote condition monitoring analytics

Turning real-time data into actionable information reduces unplanned downtime, ensuring operations proceed as efficiently as possible. Industrial Service Solutions brings this technology to every drilling process, providing both asset performance insights and automated service processes to streamline responses.

Artificial intelligence algorithms coupled with machine learning predict overall equipment health, while automated field service dispatching and spare parts management minimize response times. Most importantly, Spectare™ remote condition monitoring systems are highly adaptable, ensuring that any and every mechanical process in upstream oil and gas operations can be monitored, managed, and proactively serviced.

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Shop and Field Inspections

Quality, accuracy and reliability are key tenets of shop inspection services. Industrial Service Solutions offers NDT inspection and testing, hydraulic & gaseous pressure testing, and acid passivation services, among many others, at our inspection shops in key locations across the United States.

Outside the shop, our field inspection services support every stage of upstream oil and gas operations. NDT Level III examiners develop and implement quality programs, train and certify personnel in accordance with NAS 410, ASNT-TC-1A, and ANSI/ASNT CP-189, and prepare for accreditation audits such as Nadcap, NQA-1, and ISO 9000.

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Low-emissions Power Generation and Energy Storage

zero emissions data center backup power and marine electrification systems

Industrial Service Solutions is committed to reducing the emissions of carbon and suspended particulates from engineered power systems. In a select partnership with other leading companies, ISS engineers power products that exceed emissions targets by incorporating the latest alternative energy and system automation technologies.

ISS is a single source solution provider, delivering Energy Storage and Automation, Motor Manufacturing, Battery Technology, and EPA Tier 4 Diesel Engines, tailored to meet emissions-reduction and electrification goals for data center backup power systems.

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New Units, Field and Shop Service for Every Compressor Type

industrial air compressor

Industrial Service Solutions delivers cost-effective and time-saving solutions for industrial air compressor parts, applications, and systems. Shop and field services are offered for all centrifugal compressors, rotary compressors, and reciprocating compressors, as well as related compressor control systems.

ISS also offers replacement parts, refurbished units, and rentals to keep operations online during normal maintenance, planned shutdowns, and emergency situations. ISS experts are available 24/7 in our service shops and at your drilling sites.

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Industrial Pump Service, Repair and Maintenance

Industrial Pump Service, Repair and Maintenance

Industrial Service Solutions is available nationwide, around the clock for unplanned maintenance and emergency pump repair services. Whether it’s excessive pump vibration or operational issues, highly skilled technicians have the technology and the know-how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and yield solutions for all pump types, brands, and applications.

ISS fields a fleet of service vehicles, including 53-foot mobile tooling trailers equipped to machine, weld, fabricate, test, and repair equipment onsite.

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End-to-End Flow Path Service

Industrial Service Solutions has an extensive inventory of new valve products and spare parts. Our experienced product specialists size and select the right valve products, even in the critical applications of safety and control valves. 

For more than 40 years, ISS has developed expertise in valve system design for numerous industries, including oil and gas, water/waste water, petrochemical, power generation, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and mining.

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Nationwide Support, 24/7/365

For decades, ISS has been a trusted supplier to the upstream oil and gas industry. The company builds upon system design and process development experience earned across a range of industries, from food and beverage to aerospace and defense.
ISS maximizes process-critical uptime, delivering the technologies, insights and expertise that keeps upstream operations moving.


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