Increasing recycling profits by adding capacity in limited space

July 20, 2022

automobile shredder

A major automobile scrap processor sought to expand beyond its ferrous shredding capacity to begin to process its own ASR it generates from an automobile shredder that it was currently sending to a contract processor.  Adding a non-ferrous plant would allow the recycler to recover zorba at the facility, turning an operational expense into a greater source of revenue. However, space constraints meant there was not sufficient footprint available to add a typical non-ferrous plant based on trommels and high frequency screens.

The recycler wanted to make three cuts from the ferrous line, processing non-ferrous material from 4 inches down to less than 0.75 inches, processing up to 35 tons per hour.

  • Industry: Automobile Recycling
  • Challenge: Space-constrained plant expansion
  • Solution: Construction of a simplified non-ferrous plant that eliminated additional material handling components
  • Result: ISS shifted ASR handling from an expense to a source of significant revenue

Industrial Service Solutions worked with its suppliers to deliver a plant that eliminated the need for a trommel, fines screen setup, and additional handling components, significantly reducing the footprint.

With the non-ferrous plant operational, the recycler was able to eliminate the cost of handling and trucking its ASR for off-site zorba recovery. The expanded capability has enabled the recycler to explore new revenue streams by further developing its in-house ASR processing capacity. Click here to learn more about ISS recycling technologies, and how they can improve the efficiency of your operations.