Pneumatic Systems

A 35+ Year Track Record of Pneumatics Design, Fabrication and Installation

Pneumatics Design & Engineering

Industrial Service Solutions has an extensive background in the design of high-pressure and positive displacement conveying systems, low-pressure conveying systems, dust collection systems, and environmental fume control systems and equipment. ISS has been one of the leading pneumatic suppliers for over 35 years, and have designed, fabricated, and installed hundreds of pneumatic systems throughout the United States.

Environmental Systems

ISS has designed, fabricated, and installed hundreds of environmental fume control systems tailored to the specific needs of our customers. From dust collectors to regenerative thermal oxidizers, our systems are built to protect the environment by removing harmful air pollutants and odors released during the manufacturing process.

  • Dust collectors, baghouses, and vents
  • Wet, dry and electrostatic scrubbers
  • Cyclone separators
  • Regenerative thermal oxidizers

Industrial Ductwork

Whether a replacement component for existing ductwork or a complete duct system is required, ISS fabricates high-quality ductwork to exact specifications and requirements. Ductwork can be painted or galvanized to withstand corrosive and high temperature environments.

  • Dust collection
  • Exhaust stacks and hoods
  • Stainless steel ductwork
  • WESP ductwork
  • Duct dampers and actuators
  • Expansion joints

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